MANI (Water-colour artist)

Coming from an artistic background with my father painting large oil portraits, my own early artistic attempts at drawing proved promising and I developed a love for painting as well. However, I preferred watercolour as my medium, perhaps as a result of watercolour washes required for my architectural presentations at the time. (That said, I have since occasionally also painted in oil for pub sign commissions and other projects).

Later I trained with the FAS International, an organisation that encompassed well-known modern commercial artists and illustrators as tutors. I continued to study other modern artists’ works and their styles and still enjoying doing so.

I have painted on and off for a number of years, exhibited at local galleries and exhibitions with complimentary printed reviews.

Subject matter, composition, colour, and atmosphere are crucial to my paintings and result in a varied selection of subjects and styles. Flexibility and freedom allow me to try different things and keep in touch with changing fashions.

STUART (Photographer & Artist)

Living in London and working full-time in the shipping industry, it's always been a struggle to devote the same amount of time to artistic pursuits. However, photography seems to happily co-exist with the daily grind, with a lot of my portfolio coming from foreign travel.

That said, London remains a great source of constant inspiration and no matter where you live, it's always important to remember to look close to home and be amazed at what lies on your own doorstep as well!

This section is a growing reference of my published/exhibited works to date, in addition to pieces held in private collections worldwide.

Stuart is a member of the Craft Maker Association, World Photography Organisation (WPO), London Independent Photography (LIP) and regularly participates in galleries and exhibitions in London and Essex, some of which can be seen below (click to open/close):